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    kennel "iz Terletskoy Dubravy"

last updated
: 16.03.2005

 Keen Keemun of Dalbury's Clan ("Dutch")


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International Champion
 Champion of Russia
Champion of Byelorussia
 Champion of Georgia
Champion of Kazakhstan
Champion of Russian Dalmatian Club

b. 12.04.1997, white/liver, size  61 sm, breeder F. Van Tilburg (Holland)
owner:  Drovosekova  Natalia


СН Timanka's Almost a Clown СН Risador's Anton Dallas Quex Road Dallas I Am a Stablemaster
Dallas Facximilia
Chess Billie-Sadlady Of Cource Star-Dust
CH Ravenswing Fabric
СН Perdita's Let'em Talk CH Timanka's Talented Clown CH Liberline's Othello
CH Timanka's Single Ace
Perdita's No Miss Dallas Nordic Sky
CH Perdita's Pernille
Dainty Djeany of Dalbary's Clan CH Olbero Ozonelayer СН Elaridge Endeavour Golden Boy of Trumpeters
Sernland Danielle
СН Olbero Organdiecollar Ch  Wardel  Whatsizname
Organdie Of  Olbero
CH Kristel of the Dalmatian Kennel Rufus Enna's of Growing and Bloom CH Paddy Dalmatho from Olbero
Washakie Sultana
Tollcross Traveller's Joy CH Tollcross Fanhill Faraoh
Tollcross Teasel


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